Mit Business Intelligence
zum Erfolg

Gemeinsam transformieren wir Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich zur Data-Driven Company!

Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und den neuesten Microsoft Technologien wie Power BI und Microsoft Azure heben wir Sie auf das nächste Level.

Mit Business Intelligence
zum Erfolg

Gemeinsam transformieren wir Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich zur Data-Driven Company!

Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und den neuesten Microsoft Technologien wie Power BI und Microsoft Azure heben wir Sie auf das nächste Level.

Cutting-Edge Technology at NoseDat
In the complex world of data, choosing the right technology is key to success. At NoseDat, we rely on Microsoft, the market leader in advanced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. The result? A smooth, efficient transition to a data-driven enterprise.

Proudly a Microsoft Gold Partner, NoseDat enjoys early insights into the latest products and trends, enabling us to pass this knowledge directly to our customers. Why wait for the general market when you can always be one step ahead with NoseDat?

Our focus is integrating and utilizing Microsoft technology as the core of our services. Whether it's innovative Business Intelligence tools, advanced data analysis, or custom cloud strategies, we combine our expertise with the latest Microsoft technology to offer you the best solutions.

Questions about Microsoft technologies? Our NoseDat experts are ready to answer and guide you through the technology selection jungle.

Mircosoft Power BI

Taking Data Visualization to the Next Level

In today’s business world, the implementation of a data-driven approach has become more prevalent than ever. Companies basing their decisions on solid data analysis and metrics not only benefit from precise forecasts but also gain agility and responsiveness in an ever-changing market. In this context, Power BI emerges as a key tool.

At NoseDat, we understand the essential role Power BI plays in transforming into a Data Driven Company. As experts in Power BI and reporting, we have witnessed firsthand how our clients experience significant improvements in data analysis and visualization through the implementation of this tool. Power BI is more than an analysis tool; it’s a catalyst for change, enabling businesses to transform their data into valuable insights and better decisions.

The advantages of Power BI are numerous. Firstly, its state-of-the-art Microsoft app components provide a user-friendly interface, allowing users to analyze and visualize metrics without centralized limitations. The intuitive app design facilitates quick adaptation and acceptance within the company, leading to more efficient and decentralized data analysis.

Moreover, Microsoft provides regular updates that offer the latest features at no additional cost to users. This ensures that businesses always have access to the most advanced analysis tools on the market.

Another key aspect of Power BI is its ability to integrate AI-based features. This artificial intelligence enables companies to perform complex data analyses with ease, gaining insights that might have been overlooked without AI.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, is Power BI’s ability to connect various data sources. In a world where data often exists in silos, Power BI provides a solution to break down these barriers and create a coherent and unified data landscape. However, to unleash this full potential, a solid foundation is essential. This is where Azure comes in. With Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Technology, we ensure that all data is efficiently and centrally stored and processed. It serves not only as a central storage solution but also as a bridge between the various data silos that exist in many companies. With Azure as the foundation and Power BI as the analysis and visualization tool, we at NoseDat offer a holistic solution that covers both a unified data base and the efficient analysis of data. This not only simplifies the path to becoming a Data Driven Company but also makes it more efficient and future-proof.

At NoseDat, we are committed to accompanying our customers on their journey to becoming a Data Driven Company. Our focus on MS Power BI reflects our belief that it is the optimal tool for companies wanting to embark on a data-driven future. With over 10 years of expertise, we guide you every step of the way!

Power BI Key Features

Decentralized User Experience
State-of-the-art Microsoft App components allow for decentralized and user-friendly application in the app design.
Monthly Updates from Microsoft
Microsoft delivers monthly updates with new features, which are available at no extra cost.
AI-Enhanced Capabilities
Power BI offers a variety of AI-based functions, which can be applied simply and intuitively to your data.
Integrating Diverse Data Sources
Various data sources can be connected to achieve better results.

Good to Know:

In April 2023, Microsoft’s commitment and pioneering work in Analytics and Business Intelligence was impressively recognized. In the prestigious Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms, Microsoft was acknowledged as a leading provider for the completeness of its visions and exceptional execution capability. Such a milestone not only confirms Microsoft’s leadership role in the industry but also reflects the trust and satisfaction of customers worldwide.

A deeper insight into this study reveals the strengths and unique features of Microsoft in the dynamic BI market.

Read study on


Modern Data Warehouse
with Azure

The Platform for a Data-Driven Future

When it comes to data, companies must rely on advanced and reliable cloud technology.

Microsoft Azure, which stands at the forefront of modern cloud platforms, is not just a part of our solution in the data warehouse area—it forms the backbone.

Our profound expertise not only gives you the opportunity to access cutting-edge technology but also ensures a cost-effective transformation into a data-driven company.

Why spend more when Azure enables you to save money while benefiting from the latest technology?


Modern Data Warehouse with Azure
Key Features

Usage-Based Billing
Pay only for what you actually use – no hidden costs.
Azure grows with your business, ensuring you always have the resources you need.
No Hardware Needed
Avoid investing in expensive hardware by using Azure's cloud infrastructure.
Secure Data Storage
Your data is protected by advanced security measures.
Consistent High Performance
Azure guarantees consistent high performance to meet your business needs.
Full Data History
No loss of old data; Azure allows seamless integration of your data history.
AI Foundation
Tap into the potential of artificial intelligence with Azure as your foundation.
ISO Certified
Azure meets international standards for additional trust.

A key aspect of our work at NoseDat is integrating Azure as the foundation for your Enterprise DataWarehouse. This DataWarehouse provides a consistent and reliable data platform, ideal for business intelligence tools such as integrated business planning or reporting with Power BI. Our expertise in combination with Azure cloud technology ensures that you are always one step ahead.

If you have questions about Azure or making the leap to the cloud, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you leverage cloud technology to advance your business.


Planning with Acterys

The Solution for integrated Business Planning

Acterys is the ultimate tool for advanced planning. It meets the rising demands of modern businesses. With a comprehensive solution for integrative business planning, Acterys offers seamless integration into Power BI. This allows all aspects of business planning, from financial forecasting to operational planning strategies, to be directly incorporated.

The integration into your ERP ensures that a synergistic and efficient planning process takes place, ushering in a new era of fully integrated planning.

Acterys enhances accuracy and decision-making by enabling a seamless flow of data between systems. This ensures improved data quality, which in turn leads to more precise analyses and informed decisions. Discover the future of business planning with Acterys and increase your company’s efficiency.

Acterys Key Features

Seamless Integration in Microsoft D365 F&O

Experience integrated planning efficiency with Acterys's seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365 F&O).

Rapid Implementation, Measurable Value

Experience the one-click integration for various data sources. Benefit from specially prepared apps that work with ERP and accounting systems.

Unified Planning &
Cost Efficiency

Reduce your total operating costs by up to 80% and cut your cycle times to just 0.5 days. Our solution combines the functions of traditional, isolated tools into a single, powerful platform.

Pre-Configured Process Templates

Take advantage of our best-practice templates for different business areas such as CAPEX and HR planning, as well as S&OP, enhanced with advanced AI-based planning tools.

Fashion, Germany

Since implementing the solution, we have been able to increase the revenue of the managed areas by more than 10%.

Food & Beverages, Germany

The cooperation with NoseDat went very well – we were impressed by the professionalism. In one case, we have already identified a potential of €600,000 for us and are currently working on its implementation.

Furniture retail, Germany

We were taken by the hand and taught to walk on our own. NoseDat has become a strategic partner of the WEKO Group, which will continue to accompany us on our journey towards becoming a KPI Driven Company.


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    Copyright 2023. NoseDat GmbH. All rights reserved.