With Business Intelligence
to Success

Together, we successfully transform your business into a Data-Driven Company!

With more than 10 years of experience and the latest Microsoft technologies like Power BI and Microsoft Azure, we elevate you to the next level.

Mit Business Intelligencezum Erfolg

Gemeinsam transformieren wir Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich zur Data-Driven Company!Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und den neuesten Microsoft Technologien wie Power BI und Microsoft Azure heben wir Sie auf das nächste Level.

The Path to a
Data-Driven Company

With our many years of experience across all industries, we support companies in their transformation into data-driven businesses.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Azure and Power BI

With Microsoft, as a Gold Partner, we rely on the market leader in the field of Data and Analytics. This ensures that with us, you are always one step ahead.

Our Approach: Consulting and BI-Coaching

We not only impart knowledge but also empower you and your team to independently solve future challenges in the BI environment.

Business Intelligence
The Key to Data-Driven Success

We are NoseDat, a leading company in the field of Business Intelligence based in Regensburg. With our many years of experience across all industries, we support our clients in their transformation into data-driven companies.

Many companies are increasingly recognizing the value of data-driven decisions. However, they often face challenges in implementation and integration. Island solutions or a multitude of different pre-systems and data solutions complicate the development towards a data-driven company and are associated with a significant investment of time, budget, and resources.

Using state-of-the-art Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Azure Cloud and Power BI (Power Platform), and our proven project methodology, we effectively support you in overcoming obstacles and enable a fast, cost-efficient transformation.


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With NoseDat
Towards a Data Driven Company

The Foundation for Data-Driven Business Success:
Unified Data Base, Powerful BI Tool, and Focused Planning

Unified Data Base - DataWarehouse
Is the Implementation of a Data Warehouse on the Horizon?

We harmonize and centralize your data for consistent reporting structures. Our experts work with you to develop a tailored data strategy to optimize data processing and ensure that your metrics are uniform throughout your organization.

Schedule a free consultation now to take the first step towards a data-driven future.

Time to Modernize Your Data Warehouse?

Do you want to move to the cloud and benefit from the numerous advantages? Cloud migration offers reduced capital costs, scalability, improved security, and optimized tools. Our experts are ready to assist you in planning and implementing this migration.

Contact us now! We will show you how your company can benefit from state-of-the-art cloud technology.

Already using the Benefits of the Cloud?

You are already leveraging the benefits of a cloud-based data warehouse solution but want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment? We provide cost and performance reviews, consultancy on cutting-edge cloud components like Data Bricks and Synapse, and support you in further optimizing your data analysis and processing.

Contact us to elevate your cloud data infrastructure to the next level.

Modern Reporting - BI-Reporting Tool
You don't have a BI tool or Power BI in use yet?

Do you want your data to work for you and deliver meaningful insights? With the powerful business intelligence tool Power BI, you can effectively analyze complex data sets, make informed decisions based on reliable information, and discover hidden business potential.

Learn more about how Power BI can transform your data into meaningful metrics. Contact us now

Do you want to get to know Power BI?

Are you truly satisfied with the features and results of your current BI tool? Power BI offers an intuitive interface, powerful data visualization, and analysis. We can analyze the efficiency of your current solution and demonstrate the benefits of Power BI. With monthly updates and continuously expanded features, we rely on Power BI, the market leader.

Discover the benefits of Power BI. Start your BI transformation today

Are you already using Power BI?

Are you already using Power BI but want to ensure that you are utilizing all its features optimally? Whether it’s data integration, performance, dashboard optimization, or training – we are here to support you.

Optimize your Power BI!
Schedule a session with our BI experts.

Targeted Control - Business Planning
You don't have a planning tool in your business use yet?

A system-supported, integrated business planning can enhance accuracy, expedite decision-making, and optimize resource utilization. Discover how an advanced planning solution can improve business operations and empower better decisions.

Explore the benefits of a modern planning solution. Schedule a session with us!

Are you already using a planning tool?

Is your corporate planning truly flexible, integrative, and efficient? Our experts can analyze the functionalities of your current tool and ensure that it meets your requirements. Together, we will optimize your corporate planning.

Schedule an initial appointment with our planning experts.

Do you need better system integration?

Modern businesses require agile and flexible planning that adapts to changing conditions. Are you looking for advanced features or a more seamless integration with other systems in your company? We offer solutions specifically aimed at improving your planning processes, so you can always stay one step ahead.

Discover how we can advance your planning processes.
Contact us now.

In 5 Steps to a Data-Driven Company with NoseDat

Workshop-Based KPI Analysis
Together with our clients, we dive into their reporting and planning processes, identify key indicators, and derive essential (management) metrics
Data-Design and Databasis Creation
Our experts analyze source system data to create a solid and sustainable data foundation – the cornerstone of a data-driven organization.
Data Warehouse and Report Generation
Individually for our clients, we create a unified data foundation and develop meaningful reports that enable informed decisions.
Training and Support
We empower our clients' teams to effectively use data and reports by offering comprehensive training and ensuring that everyone possesses the necessary knowledge and skills.
Integration into Daily Workflow
Our support team assists team leaders in facilitating the integration of new information into the daily workflow and ensures that data-driven decision-making is fully implemented


Fashion, Germany

Since implementing the solution, we have been able to increase the revenue of the managed areas by more than 10%.



Food & Beverages, Germany

The cooperation with NoseDat went very well – we were impressed by the professionalism. In one case, we have already identified a potential of €600,000 for us and are currently working on its implementation.



Furniture retail, Germany

We were taken by the hand and taught to walk on our own. NoseDat has become a strategic partner of the WEKO Group, which will continue to accompany us on our journey towards becoming a KPI Driven Company.


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    Copyright 2023. NoseDat GmbH. All rights reserved.