Mit Business Intelligence
zum Erfolg

Gemeinsam transformieren wir Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich zur Data-Driven Company!

Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und den neuesten Microsoft Technologien wie Power BI und Microsoft Azure heben wir Sie auf das nächste Level.

Mit Business Intelligence
zum Erfolg

Gemeinsam transformieren wir Ihr Unternehmen erfolgreich zur Data-Driven Company!

Mit mehr als 10 Jahren Erfahrung und den neuesten Microsoft Technologien wie Power BI und Microsoft Azure heben wir Sie auf das nächste Level.

The Path to Data-Driven Business Management with NoseDat

In today’s business world, data is the key to informed decisions and sustainable growth. At NoseDat, we not only understand the relevance of data, but we have also made it our mission to accompany companies on their journey to becoming a data-driven enterprise.

Why a Data Driven Company?

Data provides an unvarnished view of your company’s current and future situation – revealing potential, highlighting risks, and enabling targeted optimizations. A company that relies on this data and aligns its strategy accordingly benefits from increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced competitive advantage.

of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)-Based Business Management

Cost Savings
Optimize business processes based on harmonized key performance indicators with less resource usage.
Process Speed
Increase the efficiency and speed of internal procedures.
Continuous Improvement
Quickly identify and address weaknesses.
Aligned Decision-Making
Improve the quality of your decision-making through a consistent communication platform – from management to the operational level.
Single Point of Truth
Create a consistent and reliable data basis that the entire company can rely on.

The Role of NoseDat

NoseDat is your partner on this path of transformation.

Our expertise in Business Intelligence, combined with our understanding of customer needs, enables us to support companies from various industries in their transformation towards a data-driven culture. Through our many years of experience and our proven project methodology in the implementation of BI projects, we already have a wide range of best-practice approaches ready.


In 5 Steps to a Data-Driven Company with NoseDat

With NoseDat’s proven project methodology, we transform your company into a data-driven enterprise – no matter where you currently stand.

1. Workshop-Based KPI Analysis

We begin by conducting workshops to analyze our customers‘ existing reporting and planing processes. This phase involve comprehensive requirement gathering, during which we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their specific needs, challenges, and goals. Through these workshops, we identify key performance indicators (KPIs). In addition, key figures are derived for management.

2. Data-Design and Databasis Creation

Next, we delve into the data itself. Our expert team analyzes data from the source systems to build a solid and sustainable database. This step is crucial for laying a data-driven foundation.

3. Data Warehouse and Report Development

To enable effective data utilization, we realize a Data Warehouse or Datalake solution tailored to our customers‘ requirements. This centralized repository serves as a hub for organizing and integrating data from various sources. Additionally, we develop the necessary reports that provide valuable insights and
facilitate informed decision-making.

4. Training and User Support

We believe in empowering our customers‘ teams to harness the full potential of the data and reports. That‘s why we provide comprehensive training to assist staff in using the reports effectively and interpreting the KPIs in their day-to-day operations. We ensure that everyone is equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage data for success.

5. Integration into Daily Workflow

Change can be challenging, especially when it comes to incorporating new information and processes into daily operations. To facilitate a seamless transition, we offer support to team leaders. Our team works closely with them, assisting in integrating the new information into their departments‘ workflow. We understand that successful adoption is key to realizing the full benefits of data-driven decision-making.

6. Launch

Congratulations! You are now steering your company towards a transparent and successful future based on data and facts. You are now capable of developing precise data strategies and effectively monitoring and realizing your business goals. Beyond the launch, we are there for our clients to ensure joint change management and continuous support. We assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy so that you can continue to achieve your strategic goals with the help of data in the future. Our commitment is to ongoing support and the provision of expertise to ensure your long-term success in a data-driven world.

Fashion, Germany

Since implementing the solution, we have been able to increase the revenue of the managed areas by more than 10%.

Food & Beverages, Germany

The cooperation with NoseDat went very well – we were impressed by the professionalism. In one case, we have already identified a potential of €600,000 for us and are currently working on its implementation.

Furniture retail, Germany

We were taken by the hand and taught to walk on our own. NoseDat has become a strategic partner of the WEKO Group, which will continue to accompany us on our journey towards becoming a KPI Driven Company.


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    Copyright 2023. NoseDat GmbH. All rights reserved.

    Copyright 2023. NoseDat GmbH. All rights reserved.