About us

Our story

The nose is the central feature of our face, but you can’t see it from your own perspective without a mirror. That’s often the case with a solution, too - we can’t see it even if it is, quite literally, right in front of our nose. We are NoseDat because this analogy helps explain the origin of our work. We help clients find new insights in their business. Using data, we optimise their decision-making and then improve the work efficiency of all company employees. Our key areas include analysis, planning, forecasting and reporting. We design BI solutions and like this, we set up a mirror for the entire organisation.

Boris Fischmann

Boris Fischmann

CEO, Germany
Filip Hubáček

Filip Hubáček

CEO, Czech Republic

We always want to be long-term partners for our customers and help them handle the challenges of the modern business environment. This primarily involves the ability to find your way around the massive volume of data that is available today. In order to achieve this, we make our extensive experience and modern technologies available to our customers. Last but not least, we create a pleasant working environment for our growing team.

Work at NoseDat

How do we work and what is our culture?

ConstantLearning zone

Work for international clients, diverse projects and the developing Business Intelligence field constantly bring new challenges and opportunities for learning. We also advance by being proactive rather than reactive in seeking and testing new technologies.

A friendly atmosphereWork-life-family balance

The core of our team has been working together on projects for more than 10 years. Over this time, we’ve created a friendly atmospherewhere you will feel happy and appreciated. Openness and cooperation in all aspects is important to us. We are a team where the satisfaction of the individual reflects the satisfaction of the entire company. Keeping a healthy balance between work and personal life is our goal.

Internal freedominternational reach

The principle of personal freedom and a flexible working rhythm is firmly rooted in our culture. If we need to see our colleagues, we come to the office, if we want to have breakfast and lunch with the family, we work from home. We don’t care where and when we work as long as we fulfil our commitments to the team and our customers. Our work has an international reach thanks to branches in Prague and Regensburg, and thanks to customers throughout Europe.